“I first met Brian when he was a student in my journalism class at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. The class required several polished pieces of writing, including a short feature, a long feature, and a review. Students also had to generate content for their own, focused blogs. Throughout the semester, Brian produced detailed, high-quality work. He consistently aimed to craft pieces that felt professional, and just after the close of the semester, one of his features was chosen to appear in the New Bedford Standard-Times. The piece – ‘Learning lessons: Age no barrier to higher education’ – showcased Brian’s powerful, straightforward writing style.

“Because of Brian’s work in my class in 2011, I approached him about becoming the editorial assistant for Dart, a magazine which aims to publish the best journalism at UMass Dartmouth. As editorial assistant, Brian did an excellent job leading other students, proofreading their work, and being conscientious about all aspects of magazine production.

“I highly recommend Brian for his writing abilities, his motivation, and his attention to detail.”

Kara Miller, Assistant Professor of English, UMass Dartmouth; Host of “Innovation Hub,” WGBH 89.7


“I have had the privilege of working with Brian for nearly two years in his role as Marketing Coordinator at MAB Community Services, a large NPO  that supports individuals with disabilities. Brian filled an enormous void at MAB – stepping in to help position and enhance the agency’s public presence.

“The sheer volume of work he has achieved in his tenure is remarkable. He has provided a full range of marketing and communications services for three distinct programs within MAB — all of which operate very much like separate NPOs. This means he has to work with and meet the needs of three program directors, while at the same time maintaining consistency and integrity of the agency as a whole. This is no small task for even the most experienced marketing expert. He is equally comfortable working with our CEO, as he is with our consumers — putting everyone with whom he encounters at east.

“His contributions have been voluminous and significant – a master writer, he’s developed and published countless press releases; maintained MAB’s complex master website as well as individual program websites; prepared many engaging blogs; managed five unique Twitter and three Facebook accounts; produced newsletters, program brochures, factsheets, and other collateral; managed our photo library and taken and edited photographs for events and program activities throughout the year… the list goes on.

“Exceedingly capable, Brian also works well independently and as a team, is affable, smart, diligent and is deeply committed to MAB’s mission.  He is a person of unimpeachable character with a strong sense of integrity. We are extremely fortunate to have him on our team.”

-Stephanie Wick-Child, Foundation & Corporate Relations Manager, MAB Community Services


“I am pleased the offer this letter of recommendation in support of Brian Klotz. While enrolled in a rigorous, full-time Master’s Degree program at UMass Dartmouth, Brian worked as a graduate assistant at the Center for University, School and Community Partnerships (CUSP). Located in the School of Education, CUSP’s staff of 15 provides high quality professional development and accelerated licensure programs for K-12 educators to strengthen their content knowledge, teaching practices and leadership skills leading to increased student achievement.

“We set high expectations for the graduate students hired to work with the Center. Soon after Brian began working with us, it was clear he could be counted on to complete assigned tasks accurately and efficiently. As a valuable resource to project directors, he conducted research on education-related topics and provided concise written summaries when requires. I continue to be impressed with his ability to present often-complex information in a clear, readable manner. He also interviewed staff to produce copy for CUSP’s website and eNewsletter, which is distributed to hundreds of educators on a quarterly basis.

“In addition to his professional strengths, Brian is a valued colleague. He is a team player, willing to roll up his sleeves to assist staff with a variety of tasks. We have been able to count on him to complete assigned tasks professionally with a positive attitude.

“I trust that Brian will bring to whatever he pursues an ability to work well with others, a keen sense of responsibility and a well-defined work ethic.”

-Karen O’Connor, Director of the Center for University, School and Community Partnerships (CUSP)


“It is my pleasure to recommend Brian Klotz for employment in your organization. In his time as a graduate assistant at the Center for University, School and Community Partnerships (CUSP) at UMass Dartmouth, Brian has proven himself to be a valuable resource and a dedicated worker. As the Associate Director of CUSP, I have witnessed first-hand how effective and responsible Brian is, despite having to balance his duties at CUSP with being enrolled full-time in a rigorous Master’s in Professional Writing program.

“Working at CUSP requires the ability to take on a wide variety of tasks as they arise, and Brian has demonstrated time and time again his ability to handle any challenge he may face with professionalism and skill. Project directors have come to rely on Brian – and in particular his exceptional writing and document design abilities – to assist them in their duties. Often he is called upon to take complex data and articulate it as a clear, concise document. As an example, recently the new Chancellor of UMass Dartmouth made her first visit to the Center, so the Director of CUSP and I needed someone to gather information about our grant-funded professional development programs and present that information in an easy-to-read format. We knew we could rely on Brian to perform this crucial task, and he did so effectively and efficiently, as we have come to expect.

“With almost $10 million worth of grant-funded programs running simultaneously, CUSP works hand-in-hand with school districts throughout the South Coast region of Massachusetts, and as such it is imperative that our written communication be clear, concise and readable. Having an articulate, intelligent writing professional like Brian on our staff helps us to achieve our organizational goals. Beyond that, he is a responsible, reliable team player with a positive attitude and a strong work ethic.

“As a Principal Investigator and Project Director for two National Science Foundation Grants, Brian has served as my right hand man and ‘go to’ person when compiling and writing the myriad of reports required by UMD and NSF. He learned quickly and has been an incredible addition to the CUSP workplace. As the University is in a fiscal crisis, we are unable to hire Brian full time and I honestly do no know what I will do without him. Brian brings his intelligent wit and wonderful sense of humor into our office every day. His warmth and positive energy will be sadly missed.

“I recommend Brian whole-heartedly, and I have the utmost confidence that he will be an immensely valuable asset to whatever organization is lucky enough to have him. Please feel free to contact me if I can further support Brian’s application. He is a top-drawer professional and an outstanding human being.”

-Patricia Crowley, Associate Director of the Center for University, School and Community Partnerships (CUSP)


“I am pleased to recommend Brian Klotz. I had the pleasure of working with Brian for a year at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth’s ARC/Writing and Reading Center, where he was critical in the development of multiple and diverse projects which served the Center’s community. He approached all tasks with a professional diligence that made him a valued member of the Center. His tasks included scheduling class visits for the English 101 and 102 sections, leading weekly training workshops, managing the TutorTrac system in its pilot semester, and serving as the editor on the Center’s newsletter. Brian’s successful completion of all these tasks is evidence of his strength as a professional; he will make a valued member to any professional community.”

-Robin Kish, Assistant Director at UMass Dartmouth’s Writing and Reading Center


“As an Assistant Director at UMass Dartmouth’s Writing and Reading Center, I witnessed firsthand Brian’s excellence in managing the Center’s manifold responsibilities. Brian handled any task presented to him, from training our receptionists in a new software system – TutorTrac – to designing and overseeing workshops for the tutoring staff. I found his diverse talents to be both refreshing and valuable in this era of specialization, and I would highly recommend him for even the most challenging work environments.”

-Michael Carlozzi, Assistant Director at UMass Dartmouth’s Writing and Reading Center


“Brian Klotz is an excellent writer and editor, and an accomplished technical communicator and user advocate across a range of media. I write with greatest confidence that he will be an excellent employee and that you will be happy that you’ve hired him.

“The skills and abilities Brian developed in and beyond our Master’s program in professional writing are varied and significant. Brian is foremost an excellent writer and editor, and you can turn over leadership, planning, and execution of significant projects to Brian and expect successful results. Brian’s accomplishments range across professional purposes and genres, because he values the dynamics of appreciating audiences and users and then providing them with what they are looking for, with solutions to their problems and purposes.

“Brian is self-motivated and self-directed. Working with him on his Master’s thesis, Brian was absolutely in charge of his own project. He is skillful at conducting research necessary to understand the task, resources available, and the audience. He understands the strategies and means of effective communication to successfully solve those problems. And, he understands and has experience with collaborative work to be a part of a team and also to lead one. Brian demonstrated this repeatedly in course work, but even more significantly in his successful professional work with the Writing and Reading Center, and with the Center for University and School Partnerships—two competitive assistantship positions which he won and at which he succeeded.

“Brian is certain to succeed in communications; I hope you’ll afford him that opportunity.”

-Christopher Eisenhart, Professor and Professional Writing Graduate Program Director at UMass Dartmouth